LED WiFi controller


Our LED WiFi controller integrates the newest WiFi technology on the market.

It makes controlling your LED lighting fixtures more convenient and easy. You can simply use an Android system or IOS system mobile phone to install the software.

WiFi technology broadens the control range -  indoors, the range is around 165 ft, outdoors more than 328 ft.

1. Remote control technical parameters
1: Working temperature: -20~60°C
2: Power supply method: AAA*3
3: Supply voltage:1.5V*3
4: Standby power: 0.015mW
5: Standby current: 3uA
6: Working current: 200uA
7: Emission current: 10mA
8: Remote control distance: about 50m
9: Standby time: 6 months
2. Software technical parameters
1: Name: Dream Color
2: Runtime platform: Android version support Android system(better one can support Samsung,
HTC), IOS version support IOS system, equipment must have WiFi function.
3: Language: English
4: Category: communications
5: Free, green, no plug-ins
3. Controller technical parameters
1: Working voltage: DC 5~24V
2: Output control: SPI signal output
3: Output current: 4A*3
4: Connect mode: SPI signal wires(DATA, CLK)
5: External dimension: L107*W65*H30(mm)
6: Receiving sensitivity: 802.11b DSSS(-5dBm),802.11b CCK (-10dBm),802.11g