Displaying your merchandise in the ‘right light’ is crucial and influences the selling factor. We at Creative LED Designs pride ourselves in working hand in hand with designers and architects to accomplish the desired lighting effects.

Whether it is

  • LED linear lighting, which can be custom made to the exact length needed (within a 1/16″), and the light color of your choice (warm white, natural white, cool white or color changing)
  • LED back lighting, which can be custom made to your specifications, or
  • LED spot lights to accentuate displayed items,

you found the right place.

LED Linear Lighting

LED linear lighting is ideal for lighting open shelf displays, jewelry cases, etc. In the picture on the left you see custom fit LED linear lighting which is installed on the sides and in the back, behind the shelves to create a wall wash.

The merchandise is well displayed, the light is not shining into the customer's eyes, yet is illuminates the products perfectly


LED Back Lighting

LED back lighting finds many applications. Let it be subtle accent lighting of a back wall, or back lighting for signage, art work, etc.

We will gladly help you find the perfect lighting solution for your back lit project. In the picture on the left, LED back lighting has been implemented to the back wall unit. Once again, the light is not 'disturbing' or shining into the customer's eyes. It is warm and welcoming.

Our LED panels can be custom made to the desired dimensions. In some cases LED strip lights are used, in others, we use thin acrylic panels, which are ideal for the even illumination of large surfaces.