Remote Control LED Dimmer with Key Fob Remote


No switches or knobs, this unique dimmer uses a touch sensor to dim as well as power on/off your LED lighting products by sending a signal to the included RF receiver. Each set has a unique ID code that allows you to use more than one in the same area.

Dimming levels are stored and remain the same once the lights are turned off and on. Note: Dimming level is not stored once the main power source is shut down.


It requires 12-24VDC input to operate, can handle 1 channel up to 8A or 96W at 12VDC or 192W at 24VDC. Wires are easily secured with spring clip speaker style connections. Can be used to dim LED lights, LED modules, LED light Ribbon, LED Wall Washers or for dimming pretty much any one color LED product with 12VDC or 24VDC constant voltage power.