LED lighted closet rod


Our LED lighted closet rod is custom made to fit your closet. All we need from you are the inside dimensions of your closet, we will take care of the rest. No more guessing whether the blue shirt is going to match the other blue pants. You'll be able to see the true colors of your clothing before you walk out into the daylight!

The closet rod comes complete with the LED strip (color and intensity of your choice), side mounts and an optional center support (depending on the total length of your closet rod). There is only a small gauge wire coming out on one side of the rod, which can easily be fed through a small drill hole in the back of the closet.

A transformer will be needed, since the LED lighted closet rod runs on 12V. We will calculate the total Wattage and provide the transformer or driver needed.

Combine our LED lighted closet rod with a door sensor switch to save even more energy.