What you need to know about LED lights


Should you be worried about LED lighting quality? We reveal what you need to know about LED lights

02 June 2015

LED and Incandescent Lightbulbs 2LED light bulbs can now look just like the old bulbs, but is the light the same?

Which? tests have discovered that the quality of light you get from LED light bulbs can’t quite match old-style bulbs and halogen light bulbs. Read on to find out how this affects the lighting in your home. LED lighting has made big strides in the relatively short period that has been used for domestic lighting. However, our testing has revealed that LED light bulbs still have a little way to go to match the very best standards of old incandescent light bulbs and halogen bulbs when it comes to light quality. Light quality boils down to two things – light color and light rendering. Imagine buying a bulb that emits a lovely orange glow (light color) and then finding that it gives the red trousers you slipped on that morning a distinctly orange hue (light rendering).